The development of Lukybot, virtual Chief Robot Officer.

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LukyLab (internal project)

At LukyLab we believe chatbots can be useful tools for automating business processes. We also know from experience that it is better to show how such a chatbot could work than to simply talk about it. We have created Lukybot, which functions as a virtual Sales & Marketing Manager for LukyLab, demonstrating one of the possible uses of chatbots - as a tool for establishing a relationship with website visitors, generating sales leads (getting contacts from potential clients), and supporting LukyLab as a useful and friendly business.

Develop a chatbot for business and marketing purposes.
Our role

Complete realization of the entire development of the chatbot, from the initial idea to the deployment.

Main tasks

Definition of uses, functionalities, voice.

Conversation copywriting.


Development of the application itself and its integration with other systems.

Legal documentation.


Lukybot is live, representing LukyLab. Through conversation, he can explain our services, history, projects. Lukybot collects contacts for potential clients and feedback from users.

More details here.

And if you are wondering, then yes, if you want to talk to Lukybot, it's the little icon on the bottom right :-)

Project Duration
May 2018 — Present
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