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Copyright & Credits

2010—2019 LukyLab s.r.o.

We believe in open source and sharing. We want to contribute and will be releasing some of our work under the Creative Commons license.

We are thankful for the inspiration and many fantastic resources and tools that are making our life easier. We would like to give the providers of these assets the appropriate credit and show our gratitude.

LukyLab Templates & Presentations

We are releasing our document templates and presentations under the Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0. We hope these can be useful for your projects and business dealings.

Design of chatbots

Our approach to the design of chatbots is influenced and inspired by John Keefe, Quartz, Poncho and Dexter.


We are using icons from Icons8, Google Material Design and Nucleo.

Photos & Images

We are using photos from Unsplash. We may also link to images at Wikimedia and GIFs at Giphy.

Legal documents

Our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy were adopted from EU regulations and World Wide Web Foundation legal documents released under a Creative Commons license. The Terms were adopted from GitHub policies under CC0-1.0 license.

Data & Statistics

Our statistical data are mainly from Statista.


Writing is tough sometimes. Many thanks to Hana Valentová for all the help. Useful inspiration for chatbot conversations is provided by Emily Withrow from Quartz on a regular basis, for which we are also grateful.


We developed this Website using this fantastic open-source Hugo framework. We adopted the Yourfolio theme under the MIT license. We are using Open Sans font from Google Fonts released under Apache License, Version 2.0.