Meet Lukybot, Our Chief Robot Officer.
An Artificially Intelligent Chatbot Available for You 24/7.

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At LukyLab we believe chatbots can be useful tools for business automation and with Lukybot we want to show you what we mean by that.

Lukybot is a virtual Sales & Marketing Manager, who represents the company, explains services, generates sales leads and collects feedback.

Lukybot is useful even if you are not interested in doing business with LukyLab. Lukybot can give you tips regarding Project Management and Chatbots.


Sales & Marketing


Lukybot's character, or let's say his "voice," is professional and friendly with bits of humor. He tells you he is a Chief Robot Officer and the best super employee even though he is still a trainee right now. Besides answering questions regarding LukyLab business and showing related resources, Lukybot can also send you a GIF and do a little chitchat.


Lukybot is designed to help users in following situations and guide them through the following conversations:

When you want to know what LukyLab does, what services it provides and how to contact the company.

When you want to know how LukyLab can help you with projects and how it works to do a project with LukyLab.

When you want to know how LukyLab could help you with chatbots and how it works to make a chatbot prototype.


Introduce the company, explain how LukyLab works, give all the details regarding the business, clients, references, contacts.

Collect emails from users interested in LukyLab services or partnership.

Collect feedback from users.

Redirect the user to a human operator if necessary and/or when the user wants to talk to a human.

Educate about the chatbot development.

Show the application of a chatbot as the useful and fun tool for business.


Chatbase and Dashbot for analytics.

Slack for managing chats when a live agent is involved.

Airtable for storing incoming leads and feedback from users into a database (upcoming version).

Trello for incoming leads processing and management (upcoming version).

Zapier to automate business processes (upcoming version).


Lukybot is powered by Dexter and Hugo.

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