The transformation and building of the Neuron Fund for the Support of Science.

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The Karel Janeček Fund for Science and Research (NFKJ) decided in 2012 to transform itself and become open to other patrons. There was an opportunity to create a unique foundation to support scientific research that would offer an alternative to state support for science.

Lukáš Soukup (LukyLab) was approached by the fund director to participate in this transformation and together made it happen.

Create a modern science fund supported by private benefactors.
Our role

We helped create a vision and strategy for a new fund which NFKJ has transformed and which has been named the Neuron Fund for the Support of Science (Neuron).

Lukáš Soukup played an active role in all crucial decisions and negotiations around the new form of the fund. As an external consultant and later as a member of the fund's Board of Directors, he advocated making Neuron a model for modern science support from private sources.

LukyLab also helped with the marketing communication of the fund, created the original website and initially provided support for digital communication.

Main tasks

Develop vision and strategy for the fund.

Gain the support of the scientific community for the fund.

Establish marketing communication.


Event organization.

Building partnerships.

Review of current and developing new programs for support of science.


The Neuron Fund was established to support science and became the flagship of support for science from private sources in the Czech Republic. Over the course of several years, new benefactors and funds to support science have been secured. Neuron has gained high prestige in the scientific community in the Czech Republic. Neuron has acquired essential partners to popularize science and promote the fund's activities. Lukáš also designed and created a new science support program called Expedition Neuron, which awards scientists with 1 million crowns per year.

Project Duration
January 2013 — October 2017
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