Development of an online payment gateway and its introduction to the market.

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BSC Praha is among the top producers of software for banks in the CEE. Its expertise is in direct banking channels, including Internet Banking. There was an opportunity to develop an online payment gateway that would enable fast and secure payments through Internet Banking.

The project was initiated by Lukáš Soukup, who secured the owners of BSC Praha for its joint realization.


Develop a payment gateway for online payments through Internet Banking and introduce the new payment method to the market.

Our Role

The development of the PayMyway payment gateway gave impetus to the establishment of LukyLab and was the first project Lukáš Soukup realized under the brand LukyLab.

This project was a start-up that Lukáš led. It consisted of the development of a system for online payments, the establishment of business relationships with banks and e-commerce retailers, as well as the communication of the new payment method to users.

Main tasks

Prepare a business strategy, budget, plan, and distribution model.

Ensure leadership of the system development project including specification, testing, and integration with banks.

Get banks and e-commerce retailers on board.

Introduce the new payment method to the market and execute its marketing communication.


The new payment gateway named PayMyway was successfully created and marketed in cooperation with four banks and several e-commerce retailers.

PayU subsequently purchased PayMyway and incorporated it into its online payment solution.

Project Duration
January 2010 — March 2011
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