We bring Experience, Knowledge & Energy to Your Projects.

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Project Management

We will make your project happen. We have experience with creating new products and launching them, setting up businesses and team building. We organize the work required to make things happen and move towards the goal.

First, we make sure we understand your business plan and your goal; then we agree on the project scope, deadlines, and budget. We will then build the implementation team, define roles and create the project plan. We know from experience that the success of any project depends on the quality of communication. We will ensure that every member of the team knows what to deliver and when to provide it. With you, as project owners, we set up regular Steering Committees. We will become the realizers of your vision and ensure that it is achieved.


Creating a payment gateway and introducing it on the market

Establishing a subsidiary company for ABRA Software in Switzerland

Creating the Science Café Czech Republic network

Research & Consultations

We can be partners for your decision-making. We can help you with market research and analysis, gaining independent feedback. We can also help you create a strategy and an action plan. We can design a business model, write a product specification and set up a marketing campaign.


Restart of music streaming service Youradio

ABRA Software's expansion abroad

Transformation and building of the Neuron Foundation

Marketing and recruitment consultancy for Horton International

Chatbots development

Chatbots can be useful tools for customer service, sales and marketing. If you want to give chatbots a try, we'll be happy to help — we can design a prototype and develop a chatbot for the Web and Facebook Messenger for you.

If you are not sure about chatbots but are interested in more details, please let us know. We can organize a workshop for you to discuss opportunities and show you the best practices.


Collaboration with GoodAI Applied & GoodAI Digital on chatbots and voicebots for Telco companies (Czech Republic and Slovakia)

Lukybot — chatbot for Sales & Marketing

Prago — Virtual Prague City Guide

Chatbot for the non-profit project Science Café

Švejkobot — a tribute to Jaroslav Hašek and his good soldier Švejk