Relaunch of Youradio, the popular music streaming service.

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Lagardère Active (Lagardère) is one of the largest media companies. In the Czech Republic, Lagardère operates successful radio stations (including Evropa 2 or Frekvence 1) and also develops digital projects such as Youradio — a digital music service that allows listeners access to music via web and mobile applications.

Lagardère addressed LukyLab with the intention of relaunching Youradio, making this service more attractive to young audiences and unique in content in order to gain a leading position among music streaming services.


Achieve a leading spot among digital music services for Youradio.

Our role

We worked with Lagardère's management and the Youradio product team to develop a marketing strategy. Our activities included conducting user surveys, feedback processing, and market analysis of music streaming applications. Consequently, we designed a way for Youradio to communicate, including specific ads. A vital part of the implementation of the strategy was the creation of unique content. We designed new music playlists and actively looked for ways to effectively communicate with the target audience segment.

Main tasks

Create a new marketing strategy for Youradio (target user segment, functionality, and service parameters).

Suggest the Youradio communication for relaunch campaign.

Create an attractive content offer.

Obtain ambassadors for Youradio who support the Youradio brand and reach the target user segment.


In November 2013, the Youradio mobile application was successfully redesigned, and its re-launching of supported advertising campaigns took place. We managed to get Ambassadors from famous YouTubers and young celebrities for Youradio. We created new attractive playlists.

Youradio has become one of the most potent digital music services in the Czech Republic with several hundred thousand registered users.

Project Duration
March 2013 — August 2015
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